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Thirsty Camel Racing
Ford BF Falcon XR8 - Ford BF Falcon XR8 - #45
Nickname: Growler
Car Number: 45
Vehicle: BF Falcon XR8 Ford BF Falcon XR8
Date of Birth: 22/12/1979
Place of Birth: Australia
Place of Residence: Adelaide
Height: 168
Weight: 67
Sponsors: Thirsty Camel Bottle Shops / SS Inductions / KC Tools / Protec Paints / Rent A Bomb
Website: www.thirstycamel.com.au


Sprint Karts then Super Karts. 80cc and 125cc,2 State Titles,2 Aust Superkart 1996-1999, Grand Prix Titles, ranked number 2 in Australia
GTP Class E Suzuki Swift GTI
GTP Class C V8 SS Commodore
GT Performance HSV Commodore, Nissan 200sx, M Coupe BMW
V8 Supercar Test driver 2002 - 2003,
Aussie Racers
V8 Utes - top ten debut 2006
V8 Utes - Big Gun Racing 2007
V8 Utes - BGR Roaring Lion 2008

Fan Info

What are the top 5 CDs in your collection?
Anything dance, Ministry of Sound.

If you were a movie character or movie star, who would you be? And, why?
One of the guys out of Superbad, they remind me of how I act with my mates.

Who would you most like to meet (and they can be dead or alive)? And, why?
I would like to be able to re-meet my Grandfather, I didn't get enough time with him before he died.

Who is your inspiration in life? And, why?
My Grandfather, he is the one who made it possible to have great opportunities.

If you were not a racing car driver, what career would you have pursued?
Marketing, I like the challenge of promoting products.

First Ever Road Car:
Nissan Pulsar ET Turbo

Favourite Road Car:
WRX Subaru

Current Road Car:
Work Van

Least Favourite Subject:

Favourite School Subject:

Favourite Other Sport:

Favourite Actress:
Reece Witherspoon

Favourite Music:

Favourite Book:
Anything with pictures

Favourite Movie:

Favourite TV Show:
Family Guy

Favourite Food:
Chicken Schnitzel

What is the best piece of racing advice you have ever been given?
Racing is a mental game, get your head in the right space and you will race well.

What do you admire most in the sport?
The fact that people don't take themselves too seriously, after the racing is done we can have a laugh.

Who do you see as a main rival?
All the 31 other utes.

How do nerves and/or fear affect your driving? How do you overcome them?
I don't really get nerves, but the best thing I have learnt is not to pre-empt a race. Just take it as it comes.

What is your favourite circuit and why?
I have two, the Adelaide and Gold Coast street circuit, because everything is exciting and on the edge.

Describe your most memorable accident:
Phillip Island, I came off second best when my Suzuki was hit by a Porsche. It hurt real bad and my car was destroyed.

Describe your best moment in racing:
Winning on debut in my first ever car race.

Which is your favourite race?
Clipsal 500

What is the worst thing about V8 Ute Racing?
I hate all the dents on my ute!

What is the best thing about V8 Ute Racing?
All the competitors are great guys, it makes it so enjoyable.

How do you keep fit?
I train in the gym and ride my bike.

How do you prepare for a race? Do you have any superstitions?
I like to muck around and not get caught up in the moment. But once the helmet goes on it is 100% focus.

Who are your major team sponsors and do they have any personal significance to you?
Roaring Lion Energy Drink, Masport, SS Inductions, KC Tools, Protec. They are all great guys, they allow me to go racing.

What is the significance of your helmet design?
It means a lot to me, it has a bit of Ayrton Senna and Craig Lowndes with a personal touch. My brother helped to design it.

What do your friends and family (and kids, if applicable) think of your chosen profession?
They love being a part of it, but also hate me being away so much.

Does car racing run in the family?
My family is passionate about cars.

How did you get into motor sports?
I grew up around race tracks, I fell in love with the sport.

Playstation, Nintendo or X-Box - and favourite game:
V8 Supercars 3

Worst or best pick-up line you ever used, and did it work?Have you evertripped over a stump? How about a - - - - !

Can you cook? If so, what is your speciality?
I am not a great cook, my specialty would have to me an omelette.
Describe yourself in 3 wordsPersistent, funny, annoying

Do you have a life-long ambition and if so, what is it?
My ambition is to succeed, I am currently working on it.

If you had to write a book about your life, what would it be titled?

Does any member of your family or a close friend travel with you to race meets? If so, who?
My wife comes along to some events and so do my brothers and friends.

Are any of your friends and/or family involved in the sport?
If so, explain how.
Unfortunately I am the lone person driving, but they all chip in to help work on the car.

Who taught you to drive? Describe the experience.
My Father, he gave me the shits.

How many times did it take you to get your on-road license (L's or P's)?
I was lucky enough to get it the first time.



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